Members Speak Out

Gali Cohen: “I’m tired of people talking about us. It’s time to let sex workers speak up for themselves

Gali Cohen for “Walla!”: OnlyFans is an amazing platform for creating porn independently, without depending on anyone else. Whether we like it or not, porn is used as sex education today for many people. Instead of guilting and criticizing consumers, we could encourage quality porn that teaches a healthy attitude towards sexuality and pleasure. And OnlyFans is a great platform for that. There is no dependence on a boss or director to tell me what to do and with whom. I can just choose to document and publish whatever I enjoy.

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Linor Abergel: “I did not want it, but I do think prostitution also saved me, it saved me from poverty”

Linor Abergel for Ynet: “The fact that the transgender people went underground does not mean that it is over. I hear from my friends that the more normative clients no longer show up because they are afraid of the law, and that there is an increase in new cases of HIV because the remaining clients want to do it without contraception. This leads to an increase in drug use among sex workers and more cases of violence. Although street prostitution has almost disappeared, indoor prostitution has increased. Enforcement is ultimately only harming women.”

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Gali Cohen for Haaretz: “I have no problem with nudity. Why not make money for it?”

Gali Cohen for Haaretz on Isri Halpern’s film “The Last Lap Dance”: To this day, the discussion about strippers has been superficial and manipulative and has been conducted with zero listening to the women that are being talked about. “The Last Lap Dance” shows for the first time the complex side that has been silenced so far – the side of the strippers themselves. It’s time to stop discussing us and our future – without us.

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